How to make fresh Mozzarella

How To Make Fresh Mozzarella

If you want you to learn How To Make Fresh Mozzarella cheese at home, then you must take a look at my tutorial. You see, I am not a professional web designer, but I do love making Mozzarella using cultures and I definitely want to share it with you.

I must say, my fresh mozzarella recipe is different, being the Mozzarella cheese making process takes longer than the two-hour and 30 minute universal recipe that is all over the web. However,  the finished product has more flavor and is much closer to the Fresh Mozzarella made in Italy.

Making Mozzarella is so much fun and once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do it with your eyes closed. It has become a part of my life and you can make so many things with it, such as fresh mozzarella pizza, calzones, tomato mozzarella salad, and much more!

There are many different factors that can make or break a good batch of Mozzarella cheese and I will cover these factors in my tutorial. For this reason, this tutorial is not short but if you read it completely, you shouldn’t have any problems with this easy homemade mozzarella recipe! So Click Here get started, Ciao!

Kefir Yogurt Recipe

When learning How to make Fresh Mozzarella, I’ve tried many different cultures but the cultures found in kefir Yogurt are definitely my preferred choice. One reason that I like using Kefir is that it is extremely healthy!  One of the Kefir Yogurt benefits is it’s very healthy for the digestive system and it contains probiotics. You may ask me how to make kefir at home? Well, I could make a Kefir Yogurt Recipe page, but it’s so easy! In a nutshell, you place several tablespoons of Kefir grains in a jar and placed one cup of store-bought or raw milk in it. Place a lid on it and let it sit in a dark environment for 24 hours (I usually put it in my kitchen cabinet) and you have Kefir Yogurt! It is just that simple. The more milk you add, the longer it will take for the fermentation, but you will develop an eye for when the yogurt is ready. Once ready, place it in your fridge and there you go. The one thing that I want to add, most grocery stores sell Kefir Yogurt, but it is different all around and I do not recommend using it to make Mozzarella. If you have any problems with the Kefir Yogurt Recipe, please fill out my contact form and I will get back with you as soon as possible. 

Italian Pizza Recipe

Being of Italian descent and visiting family in Italy on many occasions, I can tell you that Italian pizza is the best, but the Italian Pizza Recipe is very simple!

The key here is using the right Mozzarella and using a wood-burning oven. Believe it or not, you can find a decent wood-burning pizza oven on wheels at Sam’s Club for about $400. Though it is somewhat small, it works great with the Italian Pizza Recipe and with the right cheese, you are going to make a lot of friends!

Here in America, Mozzarella is made using citric acid as opposed to cultures. Let me tell you, what a difference it makes! Though both are classified as mozzarella cheese, recipes using cultures and using citric acid makes a product that is basically a different kind of cheese altogether. Mozzarella cheese with citric acid is salty and without much taste. However,  Mozzarella with cultures is not as salty and has much more flavor. It is also much juicier and when used with the Italian Pizza Recipe, you get a much more favorable and juicy pizza!

I have made a small tutorial of my Italian Pizza Recipe using a wood burning oven, Click Here to get started.

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Italian Pizza Recipe